Partners for Access to the Woods - PAW

Partners for Access to the Woods (PAW) retired on June 23, 2013, our 25th anniversary.

This website page hopes to provide contact information for the PERT (PAW’s Educational Research Trail) outside of Empire, Colorado as well as PAW.

Contact Information for the PERT Site:

The PERT Site is now managed and owned by

 the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District

Dane Matthew; District Director

Office phone: 303-567-4822    Email:

The trail used a soil stabilizer from Midwest Industrial Supply Company

Frank Elswick: Western Regional Manager

Office Phone: 805-937-7157   Cell Phone; 805-878-2522


The wayfinding elements were provided by Invisible Structures, Inc.

Dustin Glist: Media & Information Director

Office Phone: 303-395-1805   Email:

The exhibits were designed and built by Lunsford Signs

Joel Lunsford: President and Owner

Office Phone: 970-725-3925   Cell: 970-531-9096


The Solar Boxes were designed and built by Simply Efficient

Guy Larson: Master Electrician

Cell phone: 970-531-7065   Email:

The benches were built by Naked Aspen Designs

Rob Peeters

Office Phone: 970-726-1039   Email:

The general contractor for the parking lot was Jim Noble, Inc.

Office phone: 303-674-3334

Contact information for Partners for Access to the Woods – PAW

Carol Hunter: former Founder and Director


PAW’s Berthoud Pass Auto Tour